DyNAMC World Diversity Tour Launch 2017 | Evelina Silveira
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Evelina Silveira

As the President and Principal Trainer at Diversity at Work, located in London, Ontario, Canada, Evelina Silveira is passionate about creating inclusive workplaces. She has co-authored books: The No Nonsense Guide to Workplace Inclusion and Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget: How to have a more engaged and innovative workforce with little or no dollars. She is also the publisher of The Inclusion Quarterly: making her a major global provider of workplace inclusion resources. Diversity at Work has won several awards including: City of London’s Diversity and Race Relations Award (2012); the Community Inclusivity Reference Group award in the provincial corporate category for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity for Service and Innovation (2013). In 2016, her business received the Readers’ Choice Award from the Canadian Human Resources Reporter for one of Canada’s top suppliers of diversity and employment equity consultants.


Evelina Silveira has been in the field of diversity and race relations for almost 20 years. Beginning her career in the human services sector, Evelina was one of the pioneers of ethno-cultural outreach, which led to improvements for new Canadians in a host of programs. She has also worked to cultivate linkages among employers and Aboriginal communities for the mutual benefit of job creation and employment equity goals. Although she is largely known for her work in the area of cultural competency she is increasingly called upon to provide disability sensitivity and customer service training. Furthermore, she has excelled at dealing with bullies and perpetrators of workplace harassment with an innovative sensitivity and empathy program. With the recent publication of her books, her expertise has expanded to global best practices for workplace inclusion.


She is known for her balanced, fair, pragmatic and collaborative approach.