DyNAMC World Diversity Tour Launch 2017 | Dr. Vicki A. Brown
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Dr. Vicki A. Brown

Chief, Civilian Training and Leader Development Division Department of Army, G-37 Training Directorate


Ms. Vicki A. Brown serves as the Chief of the Civilian Training and Leader Development Division, Department of Army G-3/5/7 Training Directorate, Pentagon. She is responsible for planning and developing Enterprise-level policy and resourcing requirements for the Civilian training and leader development programs for the more than 300,000 members of the Department of Army Civilian Corps. She provides oversight of a $70 million annual training budget and supervises a team of senior Training Managers, Human Resources Specialists and Resource Management Analysts.


Ms. Brown is a career civil servant and has worked for the Department of Defense for 30 years. In July 2007, Ms. Brown was selected as a charter member into the Deputy Under Secretary of the Army’s (DUSA) inaugural Army Senior Fellows program based on her outstanding career accomplishments, education and potential to compete for future Army Senior Executive Service (SES) positions. Her initial assignment was as the Chief of Civilian Leader Development, Department of Army G-3/5/7.


Before officially joining the G-3/5/7 in August 2008, she served in a wide variety of key positions in both the U.S. and overseas supporting the health and well-being of Soldiers, Civilians and their Families. Ms. Brown successfully led installation and Department of Army-level Education and Training Programs, served as an Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) liaison shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks, developed Army-wide communication strategies, worked as a strategic planner in Department of Army-level programs, and facilitated Army-wide implementation of state-of-the-art business practices while serving as the Chief of the Army Family Enrichment Division at Department of Army.


Ms. Brown is a 2007 resident graduate of the U. S. Army War College (AWC), graduating with a Master of Science degree in Strategic Studies, and a 1994 Graduate of the Department of Army’s Army Management Staff College. She also holds a master’s degree in Education from Georgia Southern University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from West Virginia State University and is currently enrolled in the George Washington University Doctoral Program in Human and Organizational Learning. Ms. Brown is the recipient of a number of performance awards, to include the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service and Superior Civilian Service Awards. She is also committed to her role as an Adjunct University Professor, teaching undergraduate Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and Business classes, and developing critical skills/capabilities of a new generation workforce.