DyNAMC World Diversity Tour Launch 2017 | Seconde Nimenya
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Seconde Nimenya

Seconde Nimenya was born and grew up in Burundi, a small country in East-Central Africa. She emigrated to North America in the 1990s, first to Canada, before moving to the United States of America where she furthered her education, and obtained her MBA.


In Canada as in the U.S., Seconde Nimenya was involved in various works that promote diversity and inclusion, advocating for minorities, immigrants and the youth.


Seconde is an author, inspirational speaker, and a diversity and inclusion leader and advocate. Her book, EVOLVING THROUGH ADVERSITY won the International Book Awards and moved readers to call it “the most inspirational work they have ever read”.


In 2016, Seconde published her second book, A HAND TO HOLD, an inspirational story of love, healing and redemption. In July 2016, Seconde published her third book, A LEADER’S COMPANION WORKBOOK TO EVOLVING THROUGH ADVERSITY: Personal and Professional Strategies for Success.


Today, Seconde Nimenya travels the world offering audiences new perspectives on the topics of culture, race relations, and global social issues. She inspires people with her own life journey, and the life lessons she has learned along the way. With over twenty years of practical experience as a professional in the field of multicultural diversity leadership and empowerment, Seconde gives practical insights into various cultural and ethnic groups that form the basis of our contemporary global community.


Her presentations go beyond the topic of cultural sensitivity and diversity; she provides specialized work in the areas of personal and professional resilience, leadership, and cultural competence education.